Grassroots Beginnings

Ninja Dispatch started with a vision of offering quality dispatching services. After working with several trucking companies Teodor Stroie saw a growing need for trained and qualified dispatchers.

Trucking companies that have small to mid-sized fleets do not have the time or resources to hire and train an employee to do the dispatching. Not only is it time consuming, but also risky. Operational costs also go up by having an employee along with office and equipment costs.

Fleet owners can hire the truck dispatch service of Ninja Dispatch, risk free. There are no time binding contracts. Clients are free to come and go as they please. Ninja Dispatch takes care of all the back office work so that trucking companies can grow their business.

Operations costs are lowered, time is saved and fleet owners can focus on increasing profitability and management of their equipment and drivers. 

Communication and Organization

The team at Ninja Dispatch believes that the key to being an amazing truck dispatcher is communication and organization. Drivers are spoken to respectfully and brokers/clients are updated quickly and promptly.

Being organized makes sure that the business is running smoothly. Our team uses the best technology to make sure our communication channel with our clients are crystal clear.

North American / European Offices

Ninja Dispatch stands out as a premiere dispatching service because of our locations in both North America and Europe. By having Trans-Atlantic offices we can provide 24/7 service to our clients that require night, weekend and after hours dispatch. 

3rd Shift Dispatch also known as night dispatch is one of our premier staffing solutions. Our employees speak multiple languages and can communicate in English, Spanish, Romanian and Russian. 

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