Car Hauler Dispatch Service


***CDL OTR Drivers Only***



car hauler dispatch service from ninja disaptch


Ninja Car Hauler Dispatcher

Ninja Dispatch offers Car Hauler Dispatch Services for those carriers who are in the auto transport industry. Are you a CDL driver that is having a hard time finding the best paying loads? Do you feel like you just don’t have the time or resources to constantly be monitoring Central Dispatch and other load boards? Don’t worry, Ninja Dispatch has your back! Our professional team of car hauler dispatchers will keep you loaded. We find the best paying enclosed loads and open carrier loads. Our car hauler dispatchers keep you loaded and on the road so that the wheels are rolling and your company is making money!

Many car haulers rely on themselves to dispatch their next load. This is very time consuming and is not efficient for optimizing a profitable car hauling operation. The best cars are posted and booked within minutes. With Ninja Dispatch you have someone constantly monitoring the load boards to find you the highest paying vehicle. We take care of all the paperwork so that the driver can focus on providing the best service to their clients while on the road. 

“We run 2 hard side enclosed trailers with F-350s. Ninja Dispatch has helped our company tremendously. I save so much time and have trust that Ninja Dispatch will find me the best load and also ensure that me and my drivers get paid. Their team has experience, and you can count on them.”

Jeff Tucholski / GLT Trans

reliable car hauling dispatch service

Car Hauling Dispatch

Car Hauling Dispatch Service from Ninja Dispatch is an all-inclusive dispatching package. You no longer have to sit at truck stops searching for high paying loads. Our team of expert auto transport dispatchers are here to help serve you! Whether you have an enclosed or an open trailer we are here to help find you the best vehicles to transport. 

As professional dispatchers our focus relies on the driver and on excellent communication between all parties involved. We communicate with the driver in a prompt and respectful manner. Together we build the best routes and lanes to run, based upon what preferences you may have. It is important to us to construct a professional business relationship based on trust and respect with each and every driver we work with.

After a vehicle has been transported we send out the BOL and Invoice to make sure that you get paid fast and on time! Our car hauler dispatchers work to get majority COD loads so that you have the cashflow that your auto transport company requires. 


Here are answers to some of your questions about our car hauler dispatch service

Do you work with non CDL car haulers?

We only work with CDL class drivers. Our only exception is a 2 car enclosed car hauler. 

Do you offer local dispatch?

We do not offer local dispatch for car haulers. We work with drivers that go OTR (over the road) from at least Monday – Friday. 

Does Ninja Dispatch work with new carrier companies?

We provide quality service no matter how new your company is. The only requirement we have is that your company has a minimum of 15 positive ratings on Central Dispatch with zero negative ratings. This is our minimum requirement. 

Do I need a Central Dispatch account for Car Hauling Dispatch?

As an auto transport carrier you will be required to have your own Central Dispatch account. Central Dispatch is the auto industry’s leading load board. An auto carrier’s company reputation is based in large part upon a good rating on Central. Our car hauler dispatchers ensure respectful and prompt communication with all brokers. 

Along with Central Dispatch all carriers are required to have at least 20 notifications active. 

What about Super Dispatch

Ninja Dispatch car hauler dispatch service requires using Super Dispatch. Their software fully integrates all aspects of the car hauling process. Your BOLs are all in one place and you can access information on past loads with the click of a button. Super Dispatch is required if you choose to work with Ninja Dispatch. 

How much does Ninja’s Auto Transport Dispatch Cost?

Our car hauler dispatch service costs a flat rate of 10% from the gross payment of the load. The dispatcher payment is made at the end of every working week for all loads that are delivered from Monday – Sunday.

This is the full service dispatch package. You will have a dedicated dispatcher from 9:00AM – 5:00PM. This includes all paperwork, signups and contracts that need to be completed. We also send out your BOLs and generate an invoice for each vehicle you transport. At the end of every working week you will receive your Weekly Load Sheet. The Weekly Load Sheet keeps track of all the vehicles you have transported, so that when it comes time to do your taxes you have all the information in one place.

How do I sign up as a Ninja Dispatch car hauler?

Getting started with us is simple. To explore how our dispatch service can benefit your auto transport business, just send an email to, and one of our ninjas will be delighted to assist you. Let us help you streamline your operations and enhance efficiency.

Securing Your MC Authority for Car Hauling: A Step-by-Step Guide

Embarking on a car hauling venture necessitates acquiring the right authorization to ensure compliance with transport regulations. For those planning to move vehicles across state lines for a fee, securing MC (Motor Carrier) authority is a critical step. This guide outlines the specific procedures for obtaining MC authority tailored for car hauler dispatch services, helping you launch your business with the necessary legal backing.

Getting Your MC Authority in Car Hauling

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issues MC Authority, permitting carriers to operate interstate and haul goods for a fee. As a car hauler, you’re categorized as a specialized carrier, making it crucial to understand the regulations and requirements unique to car hauler dispatch services.

Acquiring a USDOT Number 

Before pursuing MC Authority, car haulers must first secure a USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) Number. This identifier is essential for your business’s safety administration. Obtain it by registering on the FMCSA website, ensuring all information about your car hauling service is accurate and comprehensive.

Fulfilling Insurance Obligations

FMCSA mandates specific insurance prerequisites for car haulers. Given the nature of car hauling, the minimum liability coverage often exceeds that for general freight, currently standing at $1,000,000. Engage with an insurance agency adept in car hauler operations to get the appropriate coverage.

Applying for an MC Number

For MC Authority as a car hauler, you’ll need an MC Number. This can be acquired through the FMCSA’s Unified Registration System (URS). Fill out the application meticulously, detailing your car hauling business specifics, including insurance and safety credentials.

Handling the Application Fee

Obtaining MC Authority involves a non-refundable fee, available on the FMCSA site. This fee can be paid online via the URS, using a credit or debit card.

Demonstrating Financial Responsibility

Proof of financial responsibility is mandatory for car haulers. This is usually in the form of a surety bond or a trust fund agreement, with a minimum requirement of $75,000. Consult a transportation legal advisor or your insurance provider for guidance on this obligation.

Awaiting Application Processing

Post-application submission, the FMCSA will review your details, including background checks and safety compliance. Processing times vary, typically spanning from a few weeks to months.

Receiving Your MC Authority

Upon approval, you’ll receive your MC Number and MC Authority documents. These are vital for your car hauling operations and should be kept securely for easy access during your business activities.