Outsourcing Truck Dispatching: A Value Proposition

As the freight recession deepens, many carrier companies are turning to outsourced truck dispatching as a viable alternative to the in-house model. Finding qualified workers who understand the intricacies of trucking and logistics can be daunting, especially when considering entrusting a third-party service provider liked Ninja Dispatch with the job.  Hiring night shift dispatchers is […]

Dispatching In The Era of Driverless Trucks

As an industry leader in outsourced truck dispatching, Ninja Dispatch is at the forefront of adapting to the transformative wave of autonomous trucks. With a reputation as the best outsourced dispatching service and a specialist in night dispatch, we find ourselves pondering a critical question: What does dispatching look like when there’s no driver behind […]

4 Advantages of Outsourced Dispatch

There are lots of advantages to outsourcing your dispatch operations. Whether you are a trucking company, a brokerage firm or are involved in a different form of a trucking business, outsourcing can be a great business opportunity. It can save your company time, money and all the headaches that come with employees. At Ninja Dispatch, […]

Why Is Everyone “Revolutionizing” The Trucking Industry?

This article is a written opinion about what is going on in the trucking industry, particularly with startups claiming that they are changing and revolutionizing processes.  All viewpoints come from firsthand experience working with a variety of different trucking companies, ranging from mom-and-pop operations to mid-sized fleets of 300+ trucks. If you have a different […]

Brokers, Dispatchers, Drivers, and the Delicate Balance of Trucking

Have you ever noticed the unique tension that buzzes through the air during those critical after hours dispatch moments or in the midst of the night dispatch period, especially when brokers, dispatchers, and truck drivers converge? It’s not just a simple challenge; it’s a relentless tug-of-war in the logistics world, where the stakes are high, […]

How To Become a Dispatcher

How can I become a dispatcher? This is a question that we receive on a daily basis from curious prospects looking for a career change. In this article, we will discuss how to get into dispatching and what you need to know in terms of skills as well as tools to get the job done. […]

Choosing After-Hours Support: Call Center vs. Dispatch Service

High-tech night dispatch control room operating 24/7, overseeing logistics and fleet management.

After-hours support is an essential service for businesses that operate beyond the conventional nine-to-five schedule. It ensures that a company’s operations continue to run smoothly, that customer inquiries are handled, and that any issues are swiftly addressed, no matter the hour.  Night Dispatch Services and Answering Services Are Not Equal Night dispatch services and answering […]

The Future of Dispatching: AI and Route Optimization for 24/7 Services

As of October 2023, the landscape of logistics and transportation is akin to a battlefield strewn with casualties. Startling headlines have grabbed our attention; Convoy, a billion-dollar freight brokerage based in Seattle, abruptly canceled all shipments, fueling speculations of impending bankruptcy. Just last week, two major trucking companies closed their doors, following in the footsteps […]

How To Dispatch: 4th Quarter 2023 Update

How to dispatch in the 4th quarter of 2023. In a market that never stops evolving, staying updated with the latest trends and strategies for effective dispatching is crucial. As we navigate the 4th quarter of 2023, we’re confronted with a host of unique challenges and opportunities, each affecting the dispatch industry in significant ways. […]