The Ninja Dispatch Advantage

The Ninjas offer complete truck dispatch services from calling and rate negotiation to invoicing and detention collection. Never worry again about doing the grunt work, we’ve got your back. Above all we are focused on our drivers and maintaining a positive working relationship between all parties involved. Choosing to work with Ninja Dispatch will allow you to focus on the business decisions that your company needs!

Communication Is Our Cornerstone

Take away a cornerstone and a construction will crumble to the ground. Our success comes from the quality communication we offer to each client, allowing us to build a strong mutual business relationship.

In the trucking industry, proper communication is the most essential aspect to having a company stand out. We are 100% focused on communicating effectively and efficiently between drivers and brokers. Whether via e-mail, phone, SMS or fax, we represent your company in a professional manner.

No More Paperwork

Your business needs you on the frontlines to find new customers, hire new drivers and make sure your fleet is running properly. Leave all the busy work to us. We complete all paperwork on behalf of your company. Our experienced team handles all the administrative work so that operations are continually in motion.