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What can ninja dispatch do for your 3rd shift?

Some of our customized services include:

3rd Shift Dispatcher

Our skilled 3rd shift night dispatchers work round-the-clock to manage your transportation needs, ensuring prompt communication and smooth operations during the night, helping you to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

GPS Track and Trace

Our comprehensive track and trace solutions provide real-time visibility into the progress of shipments. Empower your clients with our track and trace solutions providing comprehensive updates through seamless communication from your transportation business

TMS Updates

Our expert dispatch team is proficient in leading TMS systems, including McLeod, Mercury Gate and Samsara. We work hard to keep your Transportation Management System (TMS) up to date with the latest information on shipments, routes and driver schedules, helping you optimize resources and maintain full visibility when you arrive in the office in the morning. 

Issuing EFS

We efficiently handle all requests for Electronic Funds Source (EFS) for your drivers and clients, ensuring timely payments, accurate expense tracking, and streamlined financial management for your trucking or logistics business. 

Phone & Email Support

Our professional dispatchers handle all phone and email support by providing prompt and reliable assistance to your drivers and clients, addressing inquiries, resolving issues, providing updates and maintaining strong communication while representing your company.

Client Portal Updates

Our expert dispatch team is committed to providing timely and accurate updates to your client-specific web portals across various industries, such as automotive, grocery, manufacturing, and fuel deliveries. We ensure all relevant information is consistently up-to-date, streamlining communication and enhancing overall client satisfaction.

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