Tow Truck Dispatch Service

As Low As $504.00 USD per week for a 56 hour shift.


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Ninja Towing Dispatch and Answering

At Ninja Dispatch we are proud to offer a cost-effective solution for tow truck companies based in the United States and Canada that are looking for reliable night time dispatch.

With our European offices, we can provide  top of the line services to our clients especially in the middle of the night. Our dispatchers are well-trained and have the expertise needed to handle any situation that arises, ensuring that your clients recieve the professional services that they are accustomed to.

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our clients benefit from

67% in monthly savings

33% Increase in productivity

rested nights and productive mornings

starting at $504.00 per 56 hour work week

Tow Truck Dispatch

Finding a night shift dispatcher for a towing company can be a complicated process. According to the American Psychological Association millions of Americans put their health at risk by working the night shifts. Employers also have a hard time keeping their employees and managing them to make sure they are working.

At Ninja Dispatch we’ve taken these factors into account when establishing our Night Dispatch. By having offices in beautiful Bucharest, Romania we are able to play with Time Zones. Midnight in New York City is 7:00 AM in Bucharest. We always like to say to our clients, “our dispatchers are drinking their coffee when you’re laying your head down to go to bed”. 

The team is under American management.  

Night dispatchers for tow companies don’t have to be costly either. We’ve developed a custom payment solution of a monthly flat-fee. depending on your exact needs. Our unique solution saves our clients on average 67%. Our weekly fee starts at $504.00 per 56 hours (8 hour shift x 7 working days).

That means that you’re employing a night dispatcher for as low as $9.00 per hour. This is an all inclusive fees, that allows you and your company to get the nightly rest you need!