Car Hauling Dispatch End of Summer Review

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It is September 2nd and the summer is officially over. At Ninja Dispatch our car hauler dispatch service team has had a very interesting summer. Due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic things have changed in the industry and we’ve all had to make adjustments.

From the drivers to the dispatchers getting the best paying loads, here is our review of Summer 2020.

High Paying Car Loads

The summer started off with a blast due to the pandemic. The months of March and April saw much of the United States shut down for business.

What does this mean for car hauling?

Because mosts dealerships and auctions were closed, many cars ended up not getting shipped out. This caused an overload of vehicles that needed moved and a short supply of drivers that could move them.

At Ninja Dispatch we took advantage of the situation and had our drivers hit the road with full force!

Our 3 car haulers were averaging well above $2.10 per mile while our 9 car haulers were bringing in close to $4.50 per mile! This summer paid off very well for those that were willing to drive.

Snowbird Car Transportation

What about the snowbirds that need car transportation? Due to the pandemic, many residents of Florida didn’t end up leaving to go back north. This also caused an overflow of vehicles that needed to be shipped from the Southern part of the USA to the Northern part.

When the economy started to open back up, snowbirds were ready to get their car shipped up north.

If you’re in the Florida area and are looking for great snowbird transportation then contact Bill or Keith over at Frame and Walton Overland Transport. They are a trusted partner of Ninja Dispatch and offer great car transportation for snowbirds from Florida to Ohio and Pennsylvania! Visit their website at and tell them that the Ninja sent you!

Car Hauling Dispatch End of Summer Review
Contact Bill over at Frame and Walton Overland Transport to get a great quote on snowbird car transport!

Auctions, Some Were Hot Some Were Not

Picking up cars from auctions was either very easy or very hard and annoying. Some even require drivers to get the Covid19 test before entering the premises.

Auctions such as Manheim were a pleasure to work with. As long as the driver has the gatepass he can just go to the guard shack and pick up the vehicle.

Auctions are an integral part of the auto transportation industry. In the words of Marcel the dispatcher:

“Auctions have been quite difficult lately. While we do respect that they are keeping Covid19 regulations in check, they should also respect drivers times and speed up the waiting process to receive a car.”

How Was Summer 2020 For Car Hauling?

All and all the summer was very good for those drivers that were willing to hit the road. After the economy started to open up, the market was definitely in favor of the carriers. Rates were higher than ever and cars were abundant.

Let us know in the comments below how your summer went!

If you’re looking for the best auto dispatch service in North America then give us a call at 1-888-853-4778 or send us an email at

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