Crisis At The Ports: What’s going on and how is it related to truck dispatching?

Background On The Issue

Now more than ever it is crucial that the logistics of US supply chains and truck dispatching are handled
professionally, with as few errors as possible. However with hundreds of cargo ships
piling up around the US coasts waiting to dispatch, there is an obvious problem and an even
more obvious solution. Trucks. We need trucks to be dispatched!

Recent global events resulted in labor shortage and a spike in demand, which is a
recipe for disaster.  Nick Vyas, executive director of the Kendrick Global Supply Chain
Institute claims “We do not have enough manpower available to not only unload the vessels,
but once the vessels are unloaded … we need the trucks, we need the transportation
capabilities, we need drivers, we need distribution space, the workers … to unload those and
put away… We just don’t have that yet.” (KCRW/News) So, bring it. And bring it quick.

Crisis At The Ports: What’s going on and how is it related to truck dispatching?
A large part of the nightmare at the ports is that there are not enough trucks being dispatched to move the freight that has already been unloaded; thus causing a congestion within the supply chain.

How Truck Dispatching Could Affect The Situation

People underestimate the huge role that professional truck dispatching services have
in making the world go round. If you were to boil it down, truck dispatching is at the core of
every little thing that surrounding us. From basic human requirements, such as groceries, to all the
materialistic means which assure our comfortable living.

Truck dispatching is a services that runs day
and night all year round. Quick and silent like ninjas getting loads from point A to point B as
smoothly as possible. Every second of every minute is calculated as to form an intricate
ecosystem spread out across all of America. One small mistake and it will snowball into a
disaster- as we currently see at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California.

The Pandemic’s Effect on Logistics

Hundreds of cargo ships lining up the horizon… truly something out of a post-
apocalyptic movie. Yet another consequence of the mass hysteria induced by the current
global pandemic. People are quick to stock-up on necessities and indulge in shop-therapy,
especially with holidays just around the corner, and so cargo ships have been piling up in the
hundreds. Before the pandemic the ports used to only unload one ship at a time,
rarely more.

Other than the mass hysteria inducing shopping, it’s the retailers and manufacturers who
wanted to pick their businesses back up from the ground by restocking as quickly as possible
after the economic downfall, and so, they collectively ordered tons of goods without
considering the logistics of the global shipping system.

Not only this, but workforce has been majorly impacted by the pandemic these past couple
of years, hence we can see a significant decrease in laborers. Not only did many people lose
their jobs but some have fallen sick and are currently recovering. This only makes it that
more important to carefully manage every node of the supply chain, down to every
individual truck driver which has the mission to get the goods to the warehouses. And that is
the mission of truck dispatching companies. They ensure that clients, customers and brokers
provide round the clock updates with the help of dispatch agents. Nothing is left to chance.

After Hours Dispatch As a Solution?

“Currently congestion is related to cargo moving from the port, such as trucks and freight
rail, due to record-high cargo volume,”
(spokesman Amanda Kwan, BBC). As a sort of
compromise, the ports of California have agreed to expand the window of time in which
trucks may pick up the cargo, but considering the gravity of the situation it may be required

that they implement night-time dispatch. Long beach is currently experimenting with a 24/7
pilot program.

After hours or night truck dispatch services could be a solution to the congestion at the ports.
After hours or night time dispatch of trucks could offer a solution to the congestion at the ports.

In conclusion current events have proven that the trucking industry is undoubtedly
crucial in the global economy, and that truck dispatching services have a huge role in
assuring a good quality of life especially now, at the peak of globalization.

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