3 Ways After-hours Dispatch Service Beats Out Call Centers 

It’s the reality of our global, information-driven world: today’s businesses strive to provide as many options for fast-paced, on-demand, round-the-clock service as possible. They want to meet all of their customers’ needs and get ahead in their respective industries. Because of this, both retailers and consumers have less and less patience for delays and long turnaround times. 

Best night dispatch services can outperform BPO call centers.

Additionally, many industries run on short-notice shipments and unplanned deliveries that need to arrive ASAP — many of which contain essential lifesaving items. To meet the transportation demands, the most competitive dispatch and logistics companies strive to offer speed, attention, and immediate solutions their clients can’t find anywhere else.

This is where a dedicated dispatch service wins out over third-party BPO call centers. Some individuals new to the logistics world may not understand some of the key differences in methods of outsourced dispatching. Let’s take a look at the benefits of after hours dispatch service versus business process outsourcing (BPO) call centers.

After-hours Dispatch Is Fluent in Your Company Culture

Like all customer-focused enterprises, you’ve taken the time to cultivate strong ongoing relationships with the retailers and consumers who rely on your deliveries. Now imagine a series of late shipments, unconveyed messages, and mishandled tasks cropping up one after the other. Suddenly so much of that rapport you’ve built is now out the window. You and your team find yourself having to re-earn credibility.

If you do some backtracking, you’ll probably discover that so much of the poor follow-through was the result of inattentive night-shift interactions when a BPO call center worker was just trying to end the conversation and take the next call. A call center employee seldom has any investment in the quality and professionalism of your individual company. They simply don’t know how it’s run or what you expect. 

In many instances, these random call center workers make life harder for day-time dispatchers. Your team members come to work and have to correct a range of errors and missteps made by a group of strangers who aren’t in the know. 

With a specialized after-hours dispatch service, you get a night shift dispatcher who knows how to communicate with brokers, freight carriers, and 3PLs during your off-hours. They focus on making sure all transportation happens smoothly and according to schedule — and they also attend to any problems as they arise. With their assistance, you’re able to lead a true 24-7 enterprise.     

After-hours Dispatch Understands Specialized Industries

Call center BPO workers may struggle to understand the nuances of dispatcher trucking work. They often have limited familiarity with the freight industry, let alone any in-depth understanding of the types of goods you’re shipping. In many instances, these call centers are also focused on dispatching for services like hospitals or fire departments which entail an entirely separate set of demands. 

On the other hand, a trained night dispatcher working for a solid after-hours dispatch service gives you all the advantages of a specialist whose job is to focus on the trucking industry. This individual knows how to dispatch trucks. They understand the ins and outs of logistics management, including timing, routing, terminology, and the geography of the areas they oversee. As a business owner, you can think of these after-hours dispatch professionals as members of your own internal team. 

After-hours Dispatch Provides Tracking and Management 

Of course, hiring your own staff to be on call through the night seems like an ideal scenario. But for many new and growing businesses, taking on night-shift employees presents a real financial hurdle that wouldn’t be a sensible business move. Many logistics companies have found the perfect alternative solution in night dispatch companies dedicated to stepping in and effectively functioning as one of your employees.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of a dedicated after-hours dispatch service is its ability to steer your operations and carry out the kind of intricate management tasks that a call center simply doesn’t have the knowledge, bandwidth, or skill set to fulfill. The dispatchers are able to acquaint themselves with your systems, execute work according to your preferences and needs, and completely fold themselves into your operations. 

Because these individuals meticulously track your freight and provide the reporting you require, it’s a seamless handoff when your daytime team comes back to take up the reins. These after-hours dispatch pros have handled everything in the interim and can give a detailed account of what’s happening, the issues they’ve resolved, any matters to watch out for, and how your operations are faring as a whole. You’ll be amazed to discover the number of headaches they save you from. 

Experienced after-hours dispatchers are well acquainted with TMS Systems like McLeod and will keep these systems up to date as changes occur. The dispatchers also understand the protocols surrounding lumper fees and EFS checks. Should one of your drivers experience a breakdown, your dispatcher will be fully prepared to assist.

If you want to fully optimize the inner workings of your logistics business, after-hours dispatch makes this a reality. The dispatchers have exceptional customer service skills. They will know how to work with brokers, freight carriers, and 3PLs and provide the most comprehensive service for your company. They are the most legitimate way to dot the i’s and cross the t’s and give your company true 24-hour dispatch.
To learn more about the outsourced dispatch solutions offered through Ninja Dispatch, check out our services page. We would love to be in touch and learn how we can assist with your dispatching needs.

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