4 Advantages of Outsourced Dispatch

There are lots of advantages to outsourcing your dispatch operations. Whether you are a trucking company, a brokerage firm or are involved in a different form of a trucking business, outsourcing can be a great business opportunity. It can save your company time, money and all the headaches that come with employees.

4 Advantages of Outsourced Dispatch

At Ninja Dispatch, we are proud to offer quality, customized dispatching services for businesses looking to outsource their dispatching. Our company focus is only on dispatching, allowing us to study and perfect our line of work. 

In this article, we will outline 4 advantages to outsourcing your dispatch operations to a company like Ninja Dispatch.

1. Cost-effective solution for trucking businesses

Outsourcing your dispatching services has proven to be a cost-effective solution for businesses involved in the logistics sector. 

There are many costs associated with having internal dispatchers, besides just their hourly wage. 

The first cost, is the cost of HIRING. There are HR fees associated with this, along with fees paid to different online platforms like Indeed and Glassdoor, which help you find qualified candidates. This process can take time, and must be refined in order to be able to find suitable candidates that can handle the ins and outs of truck dispatching. 

4 Advantages of Outsourced Dispatch

The second cost, associated with hiring internal dispatchers, is the cost of TRAINING AND MANAGING. These costs are represented in time, because to have a trained dispatcher that understands a business processes requires time. Some businesses say that an internal employee can take up to 6-months of training to gain a full understanding of what is going on. 

Once they are trained, they then also need to be managed, and in order to have them managed you need a manager. This alone shows that hiring one dispatcher in fact requires more parties involved. Internal employees sometimes also require benefits and taxes to be paid for by their employers, adding to the overall cost.

The third cost, is the EQUIPMENT OVERHEAD which needs to be supplied to internal dispatchers. This comes in the form of computers, phones, IT, office equipment, office rent, utility bills. 

At Ninja Dispatch, we charge a flat hourly rate and provide our clients with dedicated dispatchers that work their account. The hourly rate is based off of market value within a client’s region, making our pricing model competitive and attractive. 

Our clients benefit from having a team of fully trained dispatchers ready to go. They don’t have to spend time or resources in hiring, training or managing their team. This is all handled within the hourly rate that is charged by Ninja Dispatch. 

The only training that occurs is when a new client signs up. That is when we develop a client’s SOP and establish what the procedures and responsibilities are. From there, Ninja Dispatch will train, hire, manage and replace any dispatchers needed for that account. 


Our clients have relied on Ninja Dispatch to fill roles where an employee quit without notice. Because our team was fully trained on their account, our dispatcher was able to fill that spot, while the client found a new employee. 

2. Hiring for a specific niche – Dispatching

One of the greatest things of outsourcing dispatch operations is working with a team that does one thing and one thing only, DISPATCH! Sounds funny and simple, however there is more to this than meets the eye. 

4 Advantages of Outsourced Dispatch

Ninja Dispatch has been in business since 2018, each year doubling in size. We have been fortunate to work with over 100 different businesses within the trucking and logistics sector. This broad range of experience has given us an inside look to see how trucking and logistics operations work. Our clients have ranged from temperature sensitive grocery loads where constant monitoring and communication is required to track the reefer trailers, to working in the automotive industry that operates 24/7 and his its own specific requirements. 

4 Advantages of Outsourced Dispatch

By focusing solely on dispatching, we’ve been able to learn, test and use different TMS systems, along with different platforms used within logistics management. Our dispatching skills get strengthened with each client we take on, and we are able to apply the tips and tricks we’ve learned from one client to each new client we work with.

By hiring a service provider that focuses only on dispatching, you are hiring a professional team that operates in a very specific niche. The experience we have at Ninja Dispatch is a collective experience gained from each client we’ve worked with, and is passed on to each client we take on. 


Ninja Dispatch offers a unique value proposition as the only BPO company to focus solely on truck dispatching! The company was started by Teodor Stroie, a seasoned dispatcher. He personally takes on each new client and has a hands-on approach to outsourcing. If you’re thinking about outsourcing your dispatching operations, do so with a team that is specialized in that specific niche. 

3. Leveraging time zones for after hours and night dispatch

The logistics industry runs 24/7, never stopping. Because of this, it is necessary for companies to have workers during all shifts, including weekends and holidays. Ninja Dispatch took a unique approach in solving trucking company’s after hours and night dispatch.

4 Advantages of Outsourced Dispatch

Many companies have contacted Ninja Dispatch complaining that they are having a hard time finding qualified workers during the night and after hours shifts. These shifts are less than desirable and have extremely high turnover rates. Not to mention that it has been scientifically proven that working night shifts is bad for an employees’ physical and mental health.

Ninja Dispatch has taken a unique approach to solving this issue. Rather than finding workers willing to work in the middle of the night, we find workers who are qualified dispatchers that want to work a day shift, but in a different country, thus leveraging time-zones to our advantage.

Teodor Stroie, the founder of Ninja Dispatch, saw a unique opportunity in his mother country – Romania. The time zone of Romania is 7+ ahead of the Eastern Standard Time, making it a perfect opportunity for night shift work to be done during a day shift.

4 Advantages of Outsourced Dispatch

Bucharest, Romania is home to many multinational companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and UI Path to name a few. The talent pool of young professionals offers these companies qualified workers that have advanced English skills. Furthermore, because Romanian cartoons never had subtitles nor dubbed versions of American shows, the generation of working class Romanians almost all speak high levels of English. 

So why not take advantage of time zones? The biggest multinational companies in the world are doing so,  don’t you think it’s worth a shot for your trucking or logistics business? Let Ninja Dispatch be your guide on setting up a solid night dispatching operation that focuses on your company’s needs and protocols. 


Leveraging time-zones is not a new concept and is used by the most successful companies in the world. With the ever-increasing labor shortage in the United States, hiring overseas talent, not only makes sense, but proves to be more efficient in all aspects.

4. You hire a management team, not a dispatcher

The most important aspect of hiring Ninja Dispatch, is that you’re not receiving just a dispatcher, you’re receiving the management team of Ninja Dispatch that will manage your company’s account. 

When you hire a dispatcher in house, you are hiring a worker. The worker expects you to instruct them and manage them. This cannot compete with hiring an outsourced company like Ninja Dispatch, who’s sole purpose is for your company to succeed. We have “skin in the game” and have every interest to not only do a good job, but to do a great job.

We manage medium to large sized carrier operations successfully. Our dispatch operations are different for each client that we service, and each client receives the hands-on approach from Teodor Stroie, setting up their account until everything is running like clockwork. 

When you hire a company like Ninja Dispatch, the hourly rate includes all fees, including the management that has ongoing experience managing dispatch operations for many different clients. This alone is more valuable than any internal dispatcher could ever be, and would be damn near impossible to find in an employee. 

Conclusion: Outsourced dispatching is the logical choice

As you can see, outsourcing your dispatching operations has a lot of advantages. First off, you save the time and money needed to keep an internal employee. You don’t have to worry about hiring, managing, firing or replacing them. No more benefits, taxes, or equipment overheads. 

Second, you get to benefit from a team of professional truck dispatchers that have a combined knowledge of some of America’s top trucking companies. This easily beats out any employee you may be able to find who has worked at a maximum of 2-3 trucking companies. 

You get to benefit of having virtual offices in different time zones, just like the world’s largest corporations. It only makes sense that someone working their day shift will be more motivated to work, than someone working the graveyard shift. They call it the graveyard shift for a reason – because that’s where you’ll end up if you do it for too long. 

Last but not least, you are not hiring just a dispatcher to work your account, you are hiring the entire management operations behind Ninja Dispatch. You are hiring a team that has successfully set up dispatch operations, both in the United States and in Europe. A truly global team at your fingertips, ready to help your dispatching operations!

If you’d like to learn more about the advantages of outsourcing your truck dispatch operations, then please contact us at office@ninjadispatch.com or set up an APPOINTMENT HERE.

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