Truck Dispatching Services For Owner Operators And Truck Fleet Owners

Truck Dispatcher Services In The United States

Ninja Dispatch offers professional independent truck dispatcher services starting at as low as 5% gross of the load. We work with both owner operators and truck fleet owners to optimize their business and increase their profit. Our experienced dispatchers work with Dry Van, Reefer and Flatbed in the continental USA. We are here to negotiate the best rate for you! We have a variety of plans, from paperwork only to the full dispatch package, contact us today at 1-888-853-4778 to learn more!

3rd Shift Dispatcher Position Overnight

Our dispatch services also offer 3rd Shift or night shift dispatching. Bucharest, Romania is home to our dedicated team of dispatchers that can cover any fleets night shift. Bucharest is perfectly positioned at 7 hours ahead of the Eastern Standard Time. When it’s midnight on the East Coast, our dispatchers are just waking up to the sun in Romania. All dispatchers are 100% fluent in English, Romanian and also Russian. cleveland, ohio truck dispatch service Employing someone to cover a 3rd shift dispatcher position can be very hard. Often times qualified dispatchers already have a job working the dayshift, leaving but a handful of candidates to work your shift. At Ninja Dispatch we can solve your problem, forever! Our dispatchers work your night shift during the Romanian dayshift. You’ll never be left looking for another dispatcher again. Using VOIP we can handle all calls and even connect via Remote Desktop to work off of your company’s computers. Visit us at to learn more. We now offer dispatch services for Car Haulers. Our team can help your company find enclosed trailer loads. If you are a new car hauler and would like to learn more about our dispatch services please send us an e-mail to

Professional Dispatchers You Can Rely On!

All of our dispatchers undergo a 6 month probation period in which they learn the ins and the outs of the industry. In those 6 months they receive extensive training and education about the logistics industry and trucking. They are trained to handle any circumstance that may occur. From detention to breakdowns, lumper pay to Comchecks, you can count on our dispatchers to help your trucks keep on moving.   Dispatchers are trained to use all of today’s trucking technology including load boards, TMS systems, invoicing software, and accounting software. We make sure that all drivers are following all DOT regulations and enforce ELD logbooks.

Quality Dispatching, Not Quantity.

At Ninja Dispatch we have a policy. Each dispatcher is assigned to one company and no dispatcher handles more than 6 drivers. Drivers and companies are assured that they recieve the care and attention that they need. Our dispatch services are aimed at providing quality services that our clients can rely on! Truck dispatching is tedious and hard work. Experience is needed in this industry to know what lanes to run and what to look out for when working with freight brokers. Communication is the most critical skill in order to be a great truck dispatcher. Communicating efficiently with drivers, brokers, customers and clients helps your business stand out from the rest. Let us at Ninja Dispatch take care of all your truck dispatch services! Contact us at 1-888-853-4778 or e-mail us at!  

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  1. Robert says:

    Can you please send your Services, cost? Do you offer Safety / Fleet support 24/7?
    What is the average rate per mile for hauling Dry Vans? And Reefers? What’s the gross per week?

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