3 Life Hacks to be the Best Dispatcher in 2023

Happy New Year to everyone from the team at Ninja Dispatch. We hope you brought 2023 in style and are ready to have a productive and profitable year! In this article we’re going to go over some quick life hacks that will help you become a better ninja…. Sorry, we mean dispatcher in 2023.

1. Stay organized – utilize technology and cloud software

As a trucking dispatcher, you are responsible for coordinating the movements of a large fleet of trucks and drivers. It is essential to stay organized and on top of things in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This might involve using tools like spreadsheets, scheduling software, and dispatch boards to keep track of assignments and deadlines. At Ninja Dispatch we are huge fans of the Google Drive Business Suite.

Google Drive to stay organized and efficient

Google Drive is an excellent way to stay organized because it allows you to store all of your important files and documents in one place. This makes it easy to access and manage your files from any device, anywhere in the world. You can also share your files with others, making it a great tool for collaboration with your clients and customers. Google Drive also has a range of organizational tools, including the ability to create folders, add labels and tags to your files, and search for specific documents. With all of these features, Google Drive helps you to keep your work organized and streamlined, making it easier to focus on what really matters – quality dispatching!

2. Communicate effectively – one person at a time

Good communication is key to being a successful trucking dispatcher. You will need to be able to clearly convey instructions to drivers and other team members, as well as communicate with customers and other stakeholders. Make sure to be patient, clear, and concise when communicating.

One thing that we notice that dispatchers have trouble with is becoming overwhelmed when it gets very busy with phone calls and emails that need to be answered.

As an example, you could be on the phone with a driver who needs a pickup number, when the phone rings again and it’s a driver having a breakdown. The life hack for this situation is quite simple. Don’t pick up the phone until you’ve solved the problem or issue for the first person that called. Don’t jump from one call to another, and then to an email that needs to be answered.

Multitasking – the work trait that can also be a negative

It is true that to be a good dispatcher you need to be able to multitask. The definition of multitasking is very subjective. For our management team, we view multitasking as being able to do several tasks one after the other, not all at the same time. We have found that it is much more effective to take on one issue, try and solve it, then move on to the next.

3 Life Hacks to be the Best Dispatcher in 2023

One reason is that multitasking can lead to decreased productivity as a dispatcher. When you switch between tasks, your brain has to adjust to the new task and this can take time, resulting in a loss of efficiency. Additionally, multitasking can also lead to mistakes, as it can be difficult to give each task your full attention. Mistakes can be very costly for both the dispatcher and drivers/clients.

Focusing on one task at a time allows you to give your full attention to that task. This will result in better quality work. Multitasking can be mentally exhausting, as it requires your brain to constantly switch between tasks. Doing one task at a time can help to reduce mental fatigue and improve your overall well-being.

3. Be proactive – great dispatchers are proactive not reactive

As a trucking dispatcher, you will often have to deal with unexpected issues that arise during the course of your work. To avoid problems, it is important to be proactive and think ahead. For example, if you know that a driver is not moving and he has an appointment in several hours, don’t wait, give him a call!

Great dispatch companies actively assess TMS. Checking and analyzing TMS (Transportation Management System) software is important for trucking companies for a number of reasons.

Night and after-hours dispatchers understand the TMS and how to act accordingly

First, TMS software helps to optimize the entire transportation process, from planning and scheduling to execution and tracking. By using TMS software, trucking companies can be proactive in their operations, rather than reactive. This means that they can anticipate and plan for potential issues before they arise. This is better than simply reacting to problems as they occur. This can help to prevent delays and ensure that shipments are delivered on time. Factors that are essential for maintaining good relationships with customers and running a successful business.

Additionally, TMS software can provide valuable insights and data that can help trucking companies to continually improve their operations and achieve their full potential. Overall, TMS software is an essential tool for trucking companies that want to optimize their operations and stay competitive in the industry. This means that all dispatchers need to know how to proactively read and analyze the data in the software.

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If you’re in need of dispatching services, or you’re interested in outsourcing for night and after hours dispatch, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Ninja Dispatch. We’ll be happy to provide you with the best dispatching services in the industry!

Happy 2023!

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