Outsourcing Truck Dispatching: A Value Proposition

As the freight recession deepens, many carrier companies are turning to outsourced truck dispatching as a viable alternative to the in-house model. Finding qualified workers who understand the intricacies of trucking and logistics can be daunting, especially when considering entrusting a third-party service provider liked Ninja Dispatch with the job. 

Outsourcing Truck Dispatching: A Value Proposition

Hiring night shift dispatchers is even more challenging, as it’s the hardest to hire shift for dispatchers in America. Numerous scientific studies show that night shift workers, more often than not, face mental and physical issues due to the unnatural hours. This then naturally leads to high turnover rates, which in turn starts the stress of hiring all over again. Simply put, most serious workers prefer day shifts over night shifts. Therefore, if someone is working a night shift, the moment a better opportunity comes along, they’ll make the switch. 

In this article, we will explore the value proposition offered by Ninja Dispatch to truck carrier companies interested in outsourcing their night dispatch operations. We firmly believe our service is unmatched in the outsourcing and BPO industry.

Outsourcing Truck Dispatching: A Value Proposition

Ninja Dispatch: Owned and operated by truck dispatchers, not an executive team that is out of touch with the job being outsourced. 

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Ninja Dispatch: Owned and Operated by Truck Dispatchers

Ninja Dispatch was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in September 2018 by Teodor J. Stroie, the son of Romanian immigrants to America.

After managing a small fleet of eight dry vans for several years, Teodor decided to start his own dispatching business to expand his client base. The beginning was slow, but within a few months, the Ninja Dispatch website gained traction in the car hauling and auto transportation industry. By the following year, Ninja Dispatch began hiring and training dispatchers to support over 40 car hauling companies.

In 2020, Ninja Dispatch introduced its premium outsourced night dispatch service. By leveraging different time zones, Teodor assembled a team in the United States and in his home city of Bucharest, Romania, to handle the graveyard shift for the American markets.

Outsourcing Truck Dispatching: A Value Proposition

Why Bucharest?

Bucharest is a hidden gem in Eastern Europe, often referred to as “micul Paris” or Little Paris in Romanian. It offers a crucial 7-hour time difference with the Eastern Time Zone in the United States. This time difference allows Ninja Dispatch to provide exceptional after-hours dispatching, as their dispatchers in Romania start their day at 7 AM, just as it turns midnight in America.

No night dispatch team in America can compete with a team working a regular day shift in Europe. Because of this, Ninja Dispatch decided to only offer the graveyard shift from a different time zone. The quality was just that much better.

Science shows that humans perform best during daytime hours, making night shifts inherently challenging and unnatural. With a properly trained team managed by professional dispatchers, Ninja Dispatch harnesses this advantage to deliver superior service.

How do Romanians know English so well? 

It’s quite amusing, but in Romania, English speakers are often referred to as the “Cartoon Network generation.” This nickname stems from the fact that many Romanians grew up watching cartoons on television that were not dubbed into Romanian, allowing them to hear and learn English.

The child brain is like a sponge, and the rest is history. Romanians now speak English on par with native speakers, understanding even subtleties such as sarcasm and humor. For this linguistic proficiency, Ninja Dispatch has Cartoon Network to thank.

Competitive landscape for tech-savvy logistics workers

Romanians are well known globally for being very talented behind a computer and also behind a truck. Many trucking companies in the United States are run by Romanians due to their logistically thinking mind. This may be in part due to their communist upbringing and schooling that stressed heavily on mathematics and logic. 

Outsourcing Truck Dispatching: A Value Proposition

Companies like UI-Path, Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla, Netflix and Deloitte (just to name a few) all have offices and leverage the Romanian work force. Why shouldn’t you do the same? 

Personalized Service

Each client is assigned a dedicated dispatcher, supervised by an operations manager, ensuring personalized and attentive service. Ninja Dispatch’s boutique approach allows for quick adaptation to specific client requirements, providing tailored solutions that meet unique needs.

When a customer hires Ninja Dispatch, they effectively get two dispatchers, not just one. The dedicated dispatcher works the shift, while the operations manager, well-trained in all aspects of night dispatching, oversees operations. This combination ensures 100% uptime for all clients.

Outsourcing Truck Dispatching: A Value Proposition

Our Dispatchers

Ninja Dispatch’s dispatchers are seasoned professionals with comprehensive training in all aspects of trucking operations. Management with firsthand dispatching experience ensures a deeper understanding of client needs and effective problem-solving. Skilled in using McLeod TMS and other major trucking software systems, our team ensures seamless integration and operation within client frameworks. Continuous training keeps our dispatchers updated with the latest technologies and best practices in the industry.

Not a Call Center

Unlike much of the competition, Ninja Dispatch does not operate as a call center. Our dispatchers are trained to handle all issues, not just track and trace like most logistics BPO companies. The team at Ninja Dispatch consists of decision-makers and strategic logistical thinkers who know when to make decisions and when to escalate issues.

Having dealt with breakdowns, safety concerns, replanning, and rerouting drivers, there is nothing Ninja Dispatch cannot handle, or be trained to handle. Working with time-sensitive shipments such as food products, manufacturing materials, petroleum, and automotive goods, our dispatchers are proficient in all necessary processes and procedures like portal updates, night after night.

Trucking companies should avoid services that offer cheap rates but only provide workers proficient in one or two tasks. While the lower price may be attractive, these workers are often one-trick ponies, and any significant issue still needs to be resolved by your day shift. If the price is low, yet you still wake up to unresolved issues, you’re better off throwing your money out the window.

This is the Ninja Dispatch advantage. Every client we’ve undertaken has, after three months of collaboration, requested more dispatching services from us.

The evidence is clear: Ninja Dispatch’s outsourced dispatching solution is superior to an internal team working a night shift.

How Much Does Outsourcing Dispatch Cost? 

What would a value proposition be without knowing the cost of the service you’re interested in?

As of May 2024, the cost of working with Ninja Dispatch for outsourced night and after-hours dispatch ranges from $15.00 to $35.00, depending on the solution required. This is a fair market rate and is actually below the true cost of hiring an internal dispatcher.

An internal employee comes with many secondary costs, such as office space, rent, utilities, computers, phones, and more.

With Ninja Dispatch, you can hire a dispatcher for the same price you’d pay an in-house employee, but without all the additional associated costs. What’s better than that? You can slowly start to say goodbye to the office. 

No More Internal Issues 

One very important, yet often overlooked, aspect of outsourcing your night dispatcher is avoiding office politics and relationship dynamics. Internal teams often face challenges related to interpersonal conflicts, favoritism, and other distractions that can hinder productivity and morale.

Statistics don’t lie

According to a Gallup poll, 70% of employees report that they experience conflict with their colleagues. These conflicts can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your dispatch operations. Furthermore, a study by CPP Inc. found that workplace conflict costs U.S. businesses an estimated $359 billion annually in lost productivity.

By outsourcing your night dispatch to Ninja Dispatch, you eliminate these internal issues. Our dispatchers focus solely on providing top-notch service without the distractions of office politics. This leads to a more efficient, harmonious, and productive dispatch operation, ensuring that your night shifts run smoothly and effectively.

Time To Give Outsourcing a Try? 

The points made above clearly outline why working with Ninja Dispatch and outsourcing your night dispatch operations makes sense.

The time zone alignment is perfect for night work. The company and its workers are managed by an experienced dispatcher, not by someone in a suit disconnected from the realities of truck dispatching, offering call center-style logistics solutions.

The cost is comparable to, or even more cost-effective than, your internal team, depending on your company’s location in the United States.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you’re not satisfied with Ninja Dispatch, you can cancel at any time. However, we are confident in the quality of our service and that you will be adding on more dispatchers to handle other shifts your company needs. 

Regain your nights and rest assured that Ninja Dispatch is taking care of your needs, and those of your clients, even in the middle of the night.

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