Car Hauler Trailer Review: Kaufman 3 Car Trailer

The Kaufman 3 Car hauler is by far the most popular trailer for car haulers. As car hauler dispatchers we receive daily requests to dispatch this exact trailer. 

They are great as an entry level trailer for those looking to get into the industry. In this article we’re going to talk about what makes the trailer so good and also give out some tips and tricks on how to dispatch a 3 car hauling trailer. 

Easy to Load and Unload

Car Hauler Trailer Review: Kaufman 3 Car Trailer
Here is a loaded Kaufman 3 car trailer loaded by

What we like the best about the trailer is that it’s a platform trailer. What this means is that there is no upper deck, there is just a platform where the cars are placed and they sit on a wedge. This is excellent because the trailer is very easy to load and to unload. 

A winch can be easily attached so that you can also take INOPS. Because the trailer is a platform and doesn’t have an upper deck you can also take really beat up cars that can be loaded and unloaded with a forklift. 

Many people get into car hauling thinking that they’ll be hauling new cars, but the truth is that beast up junk cars can pay much more than a shiny new car. As long as the vehicle doesn’t have pieces and parts flying off of it when you drive, you should be more than willing to transport INOPS. 

Price and Durability

The cost of the trailer is one of the things that draw people looking to get started in car hauling. 

You can find used trailers online ranging from $5,000 – $10,000. Or you can go ahead and buy a brand new one in the range of $10,000 – $16,000

We recommend buying the 50 foot trailer with 6 feet of extension. This is more than enough to fit a combination of trucks, vans and cars. 

The used trailers are a good option too. They are very durable and cost half the price of a brand new trailer. Be aware though, that when you do buy the trailer you will be putting in some more money to do scheduled maintenance. 

Get High Paying Loads

So, why get into car hauling? Obviously everybody gets into this industry to make money. This is the reason we are car hauler dispatches. We try to get the highest paying loads for our clients, boosting their profits and ours.

The Kaufman 3 Car trailer is great because you can haul 3 vehicles of basically any size, you just need to know the way that you can make them fit.

Since the total length is around 56 feet, you can take 3 cars without even blinking. You could take 2 bigger trucks like a F250 or even an F350 dually and also add a car as the 3rd vehicle.

Trucks often pay much more than cars, so you’re boosting the money that you can make. Although the trailer only holds 3 cars, it’s very important to note that you can truly haul 3 cars. 

Many 5 -10 car trailers can only take their full capacity if every vehicle loaded is a sedan. This is not true at all when it comes to the 3 car wedge. This is probably one of the only trailers that can take 3 vehicles, even when the combination is with trucks, vans and cars.

Trust Ninja to Dispatch Your 3 Car Hauler

If you have a 3 car hauler and are looking for the best dispatch service for car haulers, then give us a call at 1-888-853-4778 or send an email to and speak to a Ninja to see how we can help. 

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