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How much can you make car hauling?

How much money can be made from car hauling? At Ninja Dispatch we take pride in our dispatch service for car hauling. We’re often asked, “how much money can you make by hauling cars?” The answer depends on several factors, but in general we gross between $5,000 – $12,000 per week.  In this article you’re […]

Car Hauling: Snowbird Season is almost upon us!

What is a snowbird in car hauling? Snowbirds are people that live in the United Sates and have two residences, one in the North and one int he South. They travel when the weather gets cold, and will move from the Northern part of the United States, to the Southern more warmer areas, just like […]

Truck Dispatch Service For Car Haulers and Auto Transporters

Ninja Dispatch now offers full service car hauler dispatch service for car haulers and auto transporters. If you are interested in working in car hauling this is the truck dispatch package for you. Learn about the difference that a car hauler dispatcher can do for you! Our car hauler truck dispatch service can help you […]