Truck Dispatching Service – What Are The Advantages?

Having a good truck dispatching service in your corner can have added benefits to both small and larger trucking operations.

Oftentimes, many business owners just getting into trucking find themselves overwhelmed with the sheer amount of industry lingo, legal requirements, and middlemen that they begin to make huge mistakes. These mistakes then go on to cost your business time and money— something you want to avoid. 

By using an outsourced truck dispatching service, you can save yourself a lot of headache. There are several advantages to a partnership with a dispatching service, no matter if you are a one truck owner operator or a larger trucking company looking to externalize dispatching.

Let’s get started: 

Truck Dispatching Services Save You Time and Money

The primary reason most carrier companies partner with truck dispatch companies (such as Ninja Dispatch) is that it goes a long way to eliminate unnecessary costs and processes of internally hiring dispatchers, thereby saving your company time and money. 

outsourced truck dispatching after hours

Without a trucking expert on your team, you can easily find yourself repeating processes because they weren’t done in the correct order, spending too much on mundane office work, or not spending enough and failing to adhere to governmental regulations putting your company at risk.

Truck dispatchers, however, are experts in this area. Not only do they handle the important communications, scheduling, and paperwork, but they are also able to give you valuable advice should you ever need it. 

Truck Dispatching Services You Can Trust

In the trucking industry, being able to partner with someone you trust is paramount to your success. Without someone like this in your corner, you can easily find yourself being charged exorbitant rates for very simple services. If you’re paying to little, you may also want to question why someone would work for you for such a little amount of money.

Depending on your business model, you can also assign tasks to your truck dispatching partner that you wouldn’t be able to outsource if you didn’t trust them completely. These tasks could be things like:

  • Assigning loads and managing drivers
  • Filing company specific paperwork with sensitive information
  • Helping you maintain compliance by offering advice in the legality of trucking
  • Handling billing, paperwork, and invoicing activity

Outsourcing Made Easy

Outsourcing your dispatching for after hours and weekends proves to be a viable solution for many trucking companies. Many operations search within their own geographical region for employees. With advancements in technology and communication, it has become easier than ever to outsource after hours dispatch.

Another advantage to outsourcing the dispatching is the amount of money that a company will save. Not only will a company not have to have an office running round the clock, but they will also not have to worry about the Human Resources and sourcing of future dispatchers. This is all taken care of by Ninja Dispatch. They hire and train all dispatchers so that larger trucking companies don’t have to.


In trucking-reliant industries (especially those such as car hauling and auto transport), having a reliable and trustworthy truck dispatching partner is indispensable. They provide numerous benefits, such as helping you to understand trucking regulations, filing important paperwork, and just overall saving your time and money. 

For more information on truck dispatching services, or to inquire about how you can go about acquiring the best truck dispatching service in America, visit our services page or read more on our blog

As the #1 truck dispatching service in North America, we pride ourselves on keeping our carriers well-informed, because only through a trustful partnership can we both grow.

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