5 questions to ask yourself before becoming an owner operator

Are you thinking of becoming an owner operator and buying your own truck? For those that don’t know, an owner operator is a trucking company that is owned and operated by the driver of the truck. This is a solo business where the driver is responsible for all aspects of the business.  There are many […]

How The Covid-19 Pandemic Affected Dispatching And Forced Remote Work

When the Covid-19 pandemic began in March 2020, the world as we know it changed drastically and rapidly. People were advised to stay home, social distancing was enacted and face to face communication was to be avoided at all costs.  Most if not almost all companies had to have their employees working remotely from home. […]

3 Ways After-hours Dispatch Service Beats Out Call Centers 

It’s the reality of our global, information-driven world: today’s businesses strive to provide as many options for fast-paced, on-demand, round-the-clock service as possible. They want to meet all of their customers’ needs and get ahead in their respective industries. Because of this, both retailers and consumers have less and less patience for delays and long […]

4 Common Mistakes Dispatchers Make

When you think about dispatching, what comes to mind? Someone on the phone, behind several computer screens, talking and dispersing information is what many people imagine. Maybe a 911 dispatcher comes to mind saying, “911 what’s your emergency?”. The job of a dispatcher differs and depends on what industry the dispatching is done for, however, […]

Dispatch Companies vs. In-house Dispatch: Which one should you pick for your business? 

This week, we want to discuss and compare the differences between hiring a dispatch company vs. doing in-house dispatching.  As one of the industry leaders, Ninja Dispatch has had years of experience working with trucking companies of all sizes. From the small husband-wife owner operator to the large trucking company with a fleet of 100s […]

How much can you make car hauling?

How much money can be made from car hauling? At Ninja Dispatch we take pride in our dispatch service for car hauling. We’re often asked, “how much money can you make by hauling cars?” The answer depends on several factors, but in general we gross between $5,000 – $12,000 per week.  In this article you’re […]